The End is Here

I’m already crying writing this. Its crazy quick these few weeks went by. The first week went by slow, but the last 2 weeks went by so fast and I’m not ready for it to end. I have met so many great people. So in this blog post I want to thank all the individuals … More The End is Here

Conservatory Trip

We went to the conservatory building and took some pictures. I got my phone fixed so I’m back to the good ‘ole camera. They aren’t as good quality but I still love them. I had a lot of fun in this class and I can’t thank my professor enough for showing me the different ways … More Conservatory Trip

Banned Books

In class, we talked about book banning and censorship and how they work together and have different affects. We shared some opinions about our opinions on the subject. We talked about this book called And Tango Makes Three and it is a based on a true story about these two male chinstrap penguins named Roy … More Banned Books

Body Image

Today’s media literacy topic was in body image and how the media promotes their version of it. To be completely honest, I have been influenced to look a certain way. I am super self-conscious and I feel that I’m not “good enough” for the people around me. I look at like magazines and I wish … More Body Image

Next Step Reality

When we look at horror films, they use reality by having a decent beginning and then it just turns completely around, but that’s okay because that’s what grabs our attention. For example, there is a family and they are moving for a new beginning. They move into this grand house and things take a turn. … More Next Step Reality

Day 5: Geological Museum and Biodiversity Center

Yesterday, we went to the Geological Museum and Biodiversity Center here on campus. The Geological Museum was hard because inside it didn’t have a lot natural lighting and our professor said it was gonna be harder to capture good angles because of the artificial lighting. It was difficult to come up with ideas for the … More Day 5: Geological Museum and Biodiversity Center

Media Diet

My diet consists of waking up and checking my social media, which usually takes like 5-7 minutes. Then I check it throughout the day. I usually text my mom throughout the day about random stuff, like yesterday it was about the weather. I feel like I don’t get on my phone a lot and that … More Media Diet